In the past, neighborhoods were more stable, people lived
in one community all their lives, watching out for one
another. Today, neighborhoods are more transient making it
difficult to build a sense of community.   Neighborhood
Watch brings neighbors together.  Where residents share
common values, crime rates are lower.   

Founded in Crime Watch, residents have taken a holistic
view of their neighborhoods, changing the name to
Neighborhood Watch.  For over 18 years, ordinary citizens
with extraordinary commitment have created  positive
change  in their neighborhoods. The list is long and their
success includes:  documentation leading to a $3million
drug bust; advocating for youth curfew law and landlord
registration program; annual clean-ups and adopt a City
Park; neighborhood planning; family summer activity
programs; neighborhood Cub Scout group; neighborhood
scholarship fund; nuisance bars; zoning issues;  
abandoned/substandard housing; and traffic concerns.  
Watch leaders also serve on various committees and

To empower residents of Erie
County  to develop safe, healthy
neighborhoods in which to live, raise
a family and do business.  Also to
promote cooperation between
neighborhoods to create an
atmosphere for all residents to work
together for their common good.
Remember the
Erie Neighborhood Watch Council on
Erie Gives Day,